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Target Group

Here to some typical situations for the ideal usage of UPLINE:

  • The EDP-department has realized a complex database model on the database server. The only thing missing is a comfortable user surface everyone can operate with.

  • Some past project has been realized entirely on a desktop database with large capacity, including the user surface, and needs to be extended with regard to one of the following items:

    1. Multiuser-Operation
    2. Data volume
    3. Functional reliability
    4. Stability in case of user errors
    5. Network abilities
    6. Scaleability

  • You want to extend voluminous old software by adding evaluation lists etc., which is impossible or, at best, rather complicated to realize.

  • You plan to switch over gradually from a terminal-based environment to PCs.

  • You want to enable your coworkers to call up current stocks and execute orders via internet or modem from external clients.

  • You want to calculate commissions on the basis of complex arithmetic ratios and handle their distribution in a clear coherent way without alterations in the current system of merchandise-processing.

  • A company needs a special administration software. A market analysis has shown that none of the available standard products meets the requirements, yet the development of a suitable customized software would be extremely time-consuming and expensive.