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Special versions from our Integration Center

Our software is a so-called application framework, which means that the program is customized to the individual functions and contents that make UPLINE usable for your company.

You can choose whether to customize the program yourself according to your individual demands or to leave it to our INTEGRATION CENTER .

Here to a list of customized solutions we have built in the past:

You should be aware that these are no traditional standard solutions but concepts determined entirely by your individual needs.


Any system begins to fail when a clear overview is no longer guaranteed. Especially in a modern decentralized sales-concept it is vital to have the complex network interrelations up to date and available at any time.

UPLINE FOR NETWORK-MARKETING has been developed to make sure that despite all branching-out your company never loses this overview. This program is ideal for companies who conduct network-management on national and international level and need a flexible software solution which is easily adjusted to their constantly changing requirements. The UPLINE system can be customized for any enterprise and the related specific needs.

UPLINE presents complex correlations in a simple and clear, easy-to-look-at way, which saves a lot of time and work, for instance when it comes to dealing with queries about the current status of your coworkers.

UPLINE FOR NETWORK-MARKETING is designed independently from specific sales-level plans, which allows the realization of any logic describable concept. The choice of references such as merchandise-values, number of network-sales partners etc. is also free.

UPLINE FOR NETWORK-MARKETING can be integrated perfectly in already existing systems for invoice and customer-administration. All necessary account-information are obtained over the database-interface. UPLINE FOR NETWORK-MARKETING creates lists and statistics based on the current data files and offers you the data clearly structured in a structure tree, on request in several detail-windows.

With UPLINE FOR NETWORK-MARKETING you know at any time how many coworkers you have in your company, also which commissions are to be paid.

UPLINE allows you to obtain the current status of promotions and new entries as well as turnover-satistics. All lists can be viewed parallelly changing by mouseclick, and thus you are able to answer the queries of your coworkers immediately.

UPLINE FOR NETWORK-MARKETING can create mailing files from the lists containing the data of consultants, which makes it very easy to arrange meetings and create presentations with reliable data.



UPLINE FOR INDIVIDUAL MANUFACTURING is an example for an application framework already in use.

UPLINE supports the manufacturing process from product conception through to distribution, allowing an unlimited product diversity.

With the order-acception the features of the product, such as colour, fittings, accessories etc., are compiled directly on the spot in accordance with the ideas of the customer and are parallelly stored in the central database. From then on the current status of the product during the manufacturing-process can be obtained anytime and all neccessary interventions can be made.

  • Is the production running?
  • In which manufacturing stage is the product currently?
  • Has the product passed the quality check and left the factory?
  • What exactly has been manufactured?
  • Where during the transport is the product currently?
  • Has is reached the distributor yet?
  • Which is the best transportation route?
  • When can the merchandise be delivered?
UPLINE provides such information quickly and clearly. You can check particular products or groups (e.g. all vehicles for the delivery to the distributors) from every authorized client, without having to use time-consuming conventional methods ways.

In the area of logistics the registrations can be executed with the help of scanners, which guarantees the congruence of order and delivery.