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UPLINE is a modular client/server-based information system. The term Application Framework underlines its free configurability. The server inquires information from your database or the SQL-server and edits them in a structured form on the client. Thus you can access current data at any time and react quickly, if needed.

Different UPLINE-generators condense complex information from heterogeneous EDP-structures and edit them in a clear, graphically attractive presentation, which guarantees a good overview. Data are turned into information that way.

UPLINE has the following generators:
  • List generator
  • Mask generator
  • Table generator
  • Chart generator
  • Report generator
  • Hierarchy generator


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In applying the hierarchy generator, UPLINE can connect single data and visualize complex correlations in a structured form. Consequently, with the help of the mask generator the program is able to record and file information quickly and userfriendly.

Significant advantages at one glance:
  1. Due to its outstanding flexibility UPLINE can be customized very fast to your individual demands, which is one of its huge advantages compared to other integrated program packages available.

  2. Specific solutions corresponding optimally to your needs can be created totally troublefree through entries in your database. Existing structures can be integrated if wanted.

  3. The system works independently from the database and can be scaled almost entirely free in its performance in accordance with the changing demands of your company.

  4. Another big advantage of UPLINE is its central administrability, in other words, the server and not the client contains the application logic.

  5. Further advantages are the multilingual features of UPLINE concerning frames and contents as well as its ability to attribute special access rights to particular persons or work stations.